Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pet Peeves, Paint Nazi's, and adorable little girls!

ok so I am off my pedestal today....
I was reading Darcy's post last night about pet peeves and it got me thinking. I have way to many that deal with the kids that I work with. Such as:

*kids who refuse to try

*kids who do the opposite of what you ask of them

*people that gauk at you when you make a mistake or do something they have never done it themselves

*People who cut you off when talking on their cell phone while driving.

*Parents who think it is the teachers fault that their children have missing work

*People who where black and dark brown together. Light tan is ok with black it looks really sharp...but dark brown just can't be mixed with black.

*People who say they can't, before they have even tried.

*Fake people...just be yourself...if people don't like it, it is their loss.

Ok now that i have my negativity out of the way for the day....It was fun to think about my pet peeves though. Thanks Darce.

I am really excited...last night I taped off the spare bedroom to be painted. (mom it is happening) I purchased the paint. I love it when the dude at the paint store...demands that you get a certain kind of paint. Especially when i know he is just trying to sell me a more expensive paint. The disappointing moment was when he told me the color I picked out only comes in the signature paint...which of course is the most expensive. If that is the case they need to tell you that at the color wall. It is so hard for me to believe that, come can't mix this formula in another can of white paint.. So redecorating is on its way regardless. We also got to hang out with Adrian's mom and sister last night. We went to dinner. I just have to admit how absolutely crazy my sister-in-law is. We went to Alley she immediately started dancing to the music. She kept saying "this song is awesome". and "you guys are never going to be seen with me in public again". She is crazy but we love her.

On our way home we got a call from the two sweetest little girls, thanking us for the coloring books and pictures of Macy...They wanted to tell me that they had put Macy's picture on the fridge. How cute!!! The cutest part of it is that Lauren is now telling sydney what to say on the phone, which is what my brother did when Lauren was two and didn't understand the conversations. So this is how our conversation went...

"Hi Sydney", Niki

"hi", syd. Don't forget syd is just mimicing what Lauren is saying and I am only hearing half of what she is saying.

"what are you having for dinner?" Niki

"PIZZA!!!", syd said with enthusiasm

"wha di yo an adren eat?", syd (this is sort of phoneticly what she sounds like.

"burgers and fries", niki

"burgers," syd....(it was like she was announcing it

Sara then asked to talk and Syd said..."no, talking to Niki." How cute. they are so sweet.

I eventually talked to sara and all is well with the baby and the girls. They are coloring freaks!!! It is always and joy and brightener of my day when they call. Having neices is wonderful.

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Darcy said...

Did you get your panties in a wad takling about your pet peeves? I did! I think my blood pressure went up just typing them out.. it was as if they all were happening to me at one time.. YUCK!!

Your neices are so sweet! Love hearing about them. =)