Sunday, February 26, 2006

i think my husbands gone mad

ok I finally figured out how to change things. I reallized i have been posting from the edit html instead of the compose. Crazy huh. Well today Adrian and I are feeling a little better. Macy is getting a little stir crazy. the vet said she can't run and play for 5 days. She is fighting against the sedatives that make her feel drunk. Or at least she looks drunk. I have taken pictures of her with her cast on for scrapping purposes but also to show you all what she looks like.

over the weekend. Adrian and I have managed to paint our spare bedroom, one wall at a time. It is amazing what a little paint can do. it looks 100 times better just with some paint. I have taken pictures of that to. Look forward to them in the next few days. I still have to put the room back together again. (this type color is a hint to the room is a little bit off but close) It will get done this week, because mom and dad are coming for a visit this coming weekend. Macy can' twait to see grandpa and grandma. hehe i love saying this my mom thinks I have gone mad. I keep telling her she has two granddaughters and a grand puppy. Ok maybe I have gone a little mad, but it is fun. It is weird to think that today I have enjoyed the day playing video games with my husband. I never thought i would see the day this would happen. My husband is so dramatic. He gets mad at the screen. Makes comments and everything. Like "eat it squirrel" and "i should have beat you last time" &"oooh you suck". I think he has gone mad. Maybe it is the fever talking. The game is quite fun it is one that I enjoy. Well I think it is time for a nap and then putting the bedroom back together. I hate having big messes.


christy said...

hope you and adrian are feeling better!!

Elizabeth said...

can't wait to see the new room..
color sounds cool!!