Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tour of the remodeling

Here goes my tour of of our home....including the renovations. We bought our house in May of 2005. We loved it when we moved in and we still do. We just had some unexpected glitches in our renovation schedule. We new in a few years that we would have to do a renovation on both bathrooms, we just never thought it would be in our first year. We will get to that later. When we first moved our stuff in it looked like the sun had thrown up in our house. There four shades of yellow in our house from the living room to the kitchen, dining hall, to the hallway to the bedroom. Oh how could i forget the bathroom. Just wait you will understand. The first room we tackled was our living room. the funny part about it is that four the first three months it had no furniture. So it was just an empty painted room. At least it no longer looked like baby diarrhea. Come on you can't tell me that those of you out there that have changed a nasty diaper have not seen that color before.

But this is what we have done to the room since we moved in. At the beginning it was just paint that made the change but one week before our big day...our furniture arrived and I was able to decorate. It was a great stress relief from the wedding. This I believe is my favorite room in our house... so far that is. I have some plans for the basement and if it turns out that could end up being my fav.

The next room was interesting. We tackled the dining. room and kitchen. I do need to inform you that under this lovely sponge painted wall is a couple layers of wallpaper. Come on...if you are ever it the right way. We are all not on trading spaces and have a two day limit. That is the only reason anyone should paint over wall paper.
It took a week with three people working to get through the four layers. 6 if you count each color of paint as a separate layer. But after the week i decided to texture the walls and then color was a first for both things. But talk about fun. The texturing is a total aggression release. then the color wash is really a one person job to get it to look the same and you can't stop in the middle. It can be cool but not what you want. My musicians for the wedding stopped in in the middle of the wall. so i had to stop. I have a big vain of dark through the middle of the wall. But it has grown on me. it is just character right.

Well here is the first stage of our remodeling. The third room was done the two weeks before the wedding that will be the next stage with a big Thank you to my dad. He help out a lot on the next stage of renovation.

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