Friday, February 24, 2006

My baby had surgery

Well today was a little weird. I was home sick with a cold, fever and the stomach flu. But Macy was at the vet all day. Today she had her "ovarian hysterectomy". She also had a abnormal dew claw removed from her she has a puppy cast on her foot. She is so out of it tonight it is not even funny. We are to peas in a pod. If I had a camera I would give you a picture of the pathetic site. Both of us veged out on the couch. I do need to have the cushion talk with her. She likes to take up two cushions. this makes for one uncomfortable nap. well that is all for now. Our house could use your prayers. It seems as though we keep passing the colds on to each other and I just can't seem to get healthy.

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christy said...

I hope Macy is doing ok. You should take a picture of her with her cast on. I bet she is getting huge! Glad to see you are still updating your blog. It helps me keep up with your life. I have not been so good about updating mine. I just have super boring class stuff going on right now, so I don't really know what to blog about. I'll start trying though to say something at least once a week. Well, take care! love ya!!