Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ok it has been a while

You would think that i would have all the time in the world to blog. My husband has been out of town and I have instead found little spring cleaning projects around the house and got a wild hair up my butt to redecorate another room. This will give me three more rooms to show you on our continued house tour. Fam two of these rooms you haven't seen. So look forward to the house tour. it is coming to this blog site soon.

Right know i don't know what to write about. Have you ever been around people that are extremely hard to talk to? or won't give you the time of day? I have decided that these people are just plain rude and not nice. Come on, right? there has got to be a second in your self centered and igo-centered life to see someone who might need to talk or just need a hi. I never really had felt what this was like until recently. I have vowed to reach out and be more aware of my surroundings, because I never, NEVER...want to be like these people.

Plus, with the recent occurances at my job. I know how God has you placed around people for a reason and there are eyes watching you at times you don't even know.

I also had an experience with someone who claims to be living this great Christian life...but I have seen them treat people with NO respect. This to me is exactly the reason that people are turned off by being a christian. Some People are so fake. Why do we have to be fake? Just be real. Care enough about each other to talk about it...accept an apology from people.....get over the things that happened years ago....and love each other...beyond the circumstances. Life isn't long hold a grudge. Some one once asked me if I could live next to the person who annoys me the most for eternity in Heaven. He said if you can't better work that out now. it really got me thinking. Also, with the things that have been happening around me that past few days...I encourage everyone to resolve issues...there is not time to hold on to them.

that is my advice for the day. To myself first and everyone else who cares to read this.

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Elizabeth said...

just realized I've been a bad bloggy friend.. and i told you I would be yours..
can I just say your last paragraph.. is like reading MY mind!!!!.
I have been stressing for the last few months over this same exact situation.. namely, a person, who is completely "fake" as in she snows people with her innocent, all mighty righteous Christiany act, yet, continues to make snide remarks.. and certainly NOT act as J would want us to..
NOW of course WE ALL are sinners, so I just wish she would be "real"
or that others would figure out she is a fake..
(sorry to blog your blog.!) man, this one urks me BAD!!
have fun painting!