Friday, February 10, 2006

Keep my job or get a new one?

Lately I have been struggling with weather to get a new job. I love the job I do. I just don't think i have the opportunity to do enough. It is so hard after I just got done with a job where there were aspects that I didn't like, to have one that I really enjoy all aspects of. The biggest reason would be MONEY. isn't it always. The thing i struggle with is what is God telling me to do. Lately I have felt like i have been more in his word and less in tune to his voice. I don't know if it is because he is saying the opposite decision that I have been looking for or if I just can't hear him clearly. Then yesterday I went on a blog that I frequently look at and I read a thing about accepting help. I started to think about how this new job came about and it was really a friend suggesting that I would be good at this job. He even checked to see if the company had recieved my resume and how long it would be before I heard whether or not I got an interview. So was this an answer, and I am not accepting the help. Then another friend of mine emailed me a position at Goshen High School. A dream job. But I am not qualified according to Indiana rules. But I could attain qualification and would be willing to if I recieved the position. So what do I do? Who has any ideas? Right now it is in God's hands....I truely believe that. my prayer is that God presents me with only one job possibility and that is the job that I have and keep. God knows what is best for me and my family and I know that he gives me nothing we can't handle. Sometimes I just get in to big of a hurry to fix things. Not necessarily to do it my way but I don't like to see people I love unhappy or suffering. I think you can all relate to that. Sorry this is such a downer. It is simply a struggle right now that I needed some advice on.

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