Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ok this happened a while ago but something happed yesterday that disturbs me and I need some advice. I have these two boys in my social studies class. We hit it off on day one because during the get to know you time I shared that I loved music from the seventies and eighties. I thought they were joking, but their knowlegde proved differently. Anyhoo....They throughout the first few months of this semester would randomly make comments to me such as:

Mrs Schrock: We decided we are going make a character of you on our Tony Hawk game.
Mrs Schrock: You look very nice today.
Mrs Schrock do you know who aerosmith is? OF COURSE!!! hello.
but the came the disturbing ones.

Mrs Schrock Gary and I decided yesterday that we are going to eat you....we have decided to become cannibles. Gary: "we did."

Then about two weeks ago...I was having a conversation and he mentioned his youth group. So I simply asked what church do you go to? HE responded the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. In my couple of years of youth ministry i had never heard that a church like this existed around here. I have relatives that are Morman, so i was interested in finding out if he was telling me the truth...(he tends to try and see how far he can go adn still have me believe him) I asked him what bible he name some of the books in it. I asked if he new where the tabernacle was located...and I asked him to share with me what he believes. HE really wasn't able to tell me anything that day. So I shared with my friend and the general ed teacher about the situation. I said I didn't really believe him but what if he was telling the truth. I was a little worried I had opened something up that would flash....parent/teacher conferences. Well Zach came back the next day with all this information....he even offered to bring in his bible. OH NO!!!! He new the things that i needed to prove he did go to the Morman church than I googled....Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints, elkhart IN.....yep you got it. there was church located right where he said he went. So it has been a couple of weeks since this conversation. But yesterday he brought up his youth group again.

This is where I need your help. I have always been the kind of person who doesn't push my faith on others...but i answer questions when asked based on my beliefs. He shared a story about tipping a girl over in her chair at youth group and how he got in trouble. Well my immediate response was that is not a very Christian thing to do? Ooops he is not a christian? Right now I am praying for him and his family. THis is one question that leads to a bigger question. Have any of you ever been taught or shown anything that helps with how to incorporate your faith into your everyday life. When I was a youth pastor my faith was my life and it was really easy. People sometimes assumed things about me that weren't true, but for the most part it was easy to incorporate my faith. But now I am working through how to do it in a new line of work. Share your thoughts. I don't want to expand...because I don't want to limit your comments.


Darcy said...

Okay, first of all he's getting kinda weird with his comments to you. I would write them down if I were you & date them.. just a precaution.

This is a hard question.. I've got to think about this and come back!

Tim said...

It can be hard to talk with Mormans about faith since we use much of the same terminology but ultimately hold very opposing viewpoints. For example, we both talk about Jesus Christ being our Savior, but their definition of Jesus and what He saved us from are very different from ours. Their views on heaven, God, salvation, etc, are all very different from ours.

To answer your question, though, I think the best thing you can do is pray for him. Yeah, your life makes a difference, but I don't sense that you're swearing like a salior or talking about drug activity. ;-) As I know you know, ultimately it's the Holy Spirit's work that will change his heart. So pray for him and show Christ's love whenever the the Lord gives you the opportunity to do so.