Friday, February 17, 2006

Did I deface a cop car, take a dip (in the buff), or steal!!!!

ok, so here you go darce...your comment has had me rolling for a couple days. So I am going to tell the story behind my two truths and a Lie.

In College my freshman year i was a counselor at a camp and on the weekend we struggled to find things to do that didn't cost any money. SO A bunch of us decided to go skinny dipping at 3 am. it was too cold to ever try again. Then when I was in college my junior year, I drove the get away car for my friends as they took the world's largest road construction sign with lights on it, that flashed and everything. I did get my hands into it when I helped place them in the center of there yard. Among a bunch of other little signs that we had with us. Again this was around 3-4 am. but it was the middle of a friendly practical joke war. Until my car got syruped along with our back step of our house. Not so much fun when you start to ruin property. The cops drove by and saw the signs the next day and actually laughed. They just asked that we return them by the end of today. They were really cool about it.

However, it is not always the case when dealing with police. IT was halloween night 1992 i think. I was with my brother and some friends, of course innocently waiting for a ride home, when they started throwing eggs at some cars.. (See mom he is really not the angel you thought he was). I never touched an egg. But when the idiots, aka my brother and his friends through and egg at this one friend of theirs a cop saw us and followed us. of course they didn't want to be caught red handed so they tried to ditch the evidence. That is when we got caught. or should I say they got caught. However I had to help wash the 3-5 cop cars that night at about 12 midnight. It was a bonding moment with my brother or at least until he reads this. Sorry BRO!!! But it does need to be understood that we NEVER, NEVER, NEVER threw eggs at a cop car!!!! But somebody did because we had to scrub for hours to get the dried white and yoke of their cars.



Darcy said...

Oops.. I was wrong. =) All were good stories, though! Learining things I never knew about you, Nichole. =)

christy said...

I didn't know which one it was. Glad you cleared it up, though!! Hope we can get together soon!!!

Love ya,