Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy 13 months

this week has been a memorable year ago on the 8th we arrived home from a month in the NICU with our little guy. I have spent alot of time remembering and scrapping...I will share soon, I am not done quite yet. Check out what I am doing now at 13 months as a mom I am just in awe:

*you are pulling up on furniture
*walking like a speed demon around furniture (depending on the surface)
*banging on everything form your drums to the windows
*likes to empty the cabinets of all the Dvd's mom had so nicely alphabetized (oh well it can be done again when this little phase is over)
*loves your play table
*loves to play open, shut or at least you did before your finger got pays better attention now, that was a big, painful event. sorry buddy.
*hates to be limited or restrained *carseats, exersaucer, least not for long periods of time.
*loves Macy and tries to pull her hair and tail all the time. not so sure Macy loves Jackson. I think it is a true picture of a love hate relationship
*loves to be sung to, to listen to music
* loves swinging and bouncing, his eyes light up
*we started climbing a week ago likes to use anything in sight for leverage, even if it means mom's pants. Gotta say I pulled out the belt the other day and the drawstring on the sweats now gets tied...we don't need to see mama depants. :)
*he is a cheese monster. the minute the camera comes out he stops what he is doing, looks at the camera and before I say one he has a huge smile on his face. it is so cute, but make it hard to capture a moment. oh well, at least I don't have a child that hates his picture being taken. Example below:
* he is still not eating baby food at all or solids. this has truely been a struggle. the great thing is he is still gaining. he is at 15 lbs 5.5 ounces and he grew an inch this past month to 25 3/4 inches tall. so he is inching his way there, to the goal of 20 lbs
*he is a little explorer, he studies everything and then it goes straight to his mouth.
* he has been knawing on his finger all month...and I think today, both dad and I felt a rough spot on is lower gums. I think we cut the first one. it is hard to get you finger in there to check on a kid that despises having things put in his we will see in the next few days, but I think we got one.
* we are still in 3-6 month pants and some 3-6 and 6-9 month tops depend on the brand of course. But we did go up a size in shoes....horray for grow
* we are pooping regularly, which is an answer to our prayers and we have much less discomfort since this began *thank you to everyone who was praying for poop. we have regulated some of the bladder spasming too which i think that helped in decreasing the discomfort as well.

it has been so nice going forfour months with out any major hospital stays or big surgeries. We has a two our day surgery in july but it was pretty easy recovery. So thank you for all your prayers for a break and we have truely enjoyed it. We are preparing for his double hip surgery in a week and I have to say lately the anticipation of how he will be able to take off after recovery with walking and crawling and development in general has taken over. I am not as focused on the negative of the 6 weeks in the cast. We have tackled the no sleep thing and seem to have it under control for now..

I had a reminder tonight from our wedding present from my brother and sister in law. I was standing downstairs waiting for the dog to do her bussiness and it struck my what the bible verse on the picture said. "With the strength of God anything is possible" how fitting for us right now and for our life to come. God knew when they picked that out, that it was going to be perfect for our family. it is being moved to center stage in our livingroom. I have decided it would be a good daily reminder. we have come 13 months and we got many more months to tell you about.


Jewel said...

Happy 13 Months, Jackson! It was so wonderful to see you & your smiling face yesterday at MOTTTs! & of course you're Mommy too! :)

The Lantz Clan said...

That is a great verse! It is funny how GOd brings certain verses to our attention when we need to read them:)

darcy said...

Hey little guy.. happy 13th!

nichole said...

he's the cutest little guy! happy 13th month! and that verse is PERFECT for a daily reminder! love it! have a great weekend, Nichole!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy 13 months. Have a great weekend!