Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Houston we have a PROBLEM....

today we went to the pediatrician after having a hearing screen done yesterday. We were a little baffeled as to why he wasn't hearing well out of his left ear until we checked in his ear. Jackson has a double ear infection. pink and a little swollen..with fluid. NO fever, no runny nose, no other signs. You would think no big deal. However when it comes to big invasive surgeries...infections no matter what the magnitude...make it a no go. WE are in the process of rescheduling and they have promised he will be out of that cast by Christmas.

Good things that came out of today:

FREE ANTIBIOTICS FOR KIDS: can you believe it, after at least 8 months of being on at least one antibiotic we find this out. Meijer and any pharmacy that matches competitior free antibiotics to kids. FREE, can I say it again. FREE!!! this is going to save us 30 dollars a month. where was this information months agao...i would be well on my way to owning a new vaccum cleaner by know. That fancy Dyson pet suck up all the dog hair that is causing my allergies to be out of wack...(sorry bunny trail)

MOM to talk to...don't worry this is not just any mom. this is a mom of a kid that has recently gone through bilateral hip surgery and has been in a cast more than once. this is a mom with some very useful information. not that the rest of you don't have great all ROCK...but this mom will have a special place in my brain with her wealths of information. Can't wait to chat with her.

Good thing number three...I get to enjoy this for four more weeks. The activity and help of a one year old. Love it.

All of these things came out of a trip to the doc for a sickness I prayed my son wouldn't have and seeing a new doctor that we haven't seen before. All things usually bad that turned out to be the bomb today because GOd is good like that.

lessoned learned: God makes everything good in His time. oh wait that sounds familiar. I think I might have read that some where. ok enough of the sarcasm. just another lesson that God has written down for us in His little instruction book. it is full of them.
oh and by the way my child has eaten his first finger food...a Puffy Cheeto...check it out.
Enjoy the rest of your week.


Traci Keriazakos said...

HI! I love seeing your list of good things in the mist of the set back! Such a postive force you are!

That picture of Jackson eating the Puffy Cheeto is priceless!!!

I am keeping you in my thoughts!!

rev said...

o girl, i hope that earinfection is away asap and he is on the run again! and ofcourse the schedule can go on as planned. you are such a strong woman!

Kara Lynn said...

Oh, just love your little guy so much. I think about him a lot. Thanks for sharing the video - what a big boy! Little stinker, thought for sure he would like my cooking enough to eat something last weekend. That's ok, Cheetos is better than nothing! So glad that God still shows his blessings to all of you - your optimism is refreshing!

Nichole said...

that is one GREAT list! hope that ear infection goes away soon! and goodness sake, he is TOO precious eating that cheese puff! I love it!
have a great day girlie! and thanks for all the sweet words of encouragement on my blog-I am so blessed for your friendship!