Monday, September 08, 2008


it is not nearly as bad as some of my friends (aka Natalie) however for the last three weeks Jackson has only slept through the night in his bed twice. In my book that is not good stats. Some have told me I have a teether. I don't know about your but I am am sick of saying "I think he is teething" Seriously people how long does it take for teeth to come in. We are going on like three and a half months right now. it can't take that luck (well it would be good for me) he is going to get them all at the same time, molars and all.

the only way he sleeps and stops screaming is for me to hold him. with in minutes of holding him he is asleep, however I am a worry wort and so I can't sleep while holding him. I think he is going to roll over me when we are on the couch and fall off or get smashed in bed with us. Don't laugh these things have almost happened. My child is a crawler, a climber and he can pull himself over anything. He is a strong little sucker. Right now he is climbing off the couch. pulling himself over my leg.
i Remember these days of sleeping...taking naps and sleeping through the night. I WANT THEM BACK!!! so if I could command teeth to come in....I am doing it right now...TEETH COME IN!!! this mommy needs some sleep. ok I am done...I am going to go find my crawling baby. have a good one.


Laura said...

Oh, that's so frustrating! I'll say it too...TEETH, COME IN!!!

Traci Keriazakos said...

Well, I had a little boy who didn't wanna sleep either but he had food allergies. What kind of food are you feeding him???

I went through two kids who didn't sleep and cried. Send me an email if you have any questions!!!!

I have been thinking about you!!
Traci (tracinicole)

The Lantz Clan said...

HAHA yeah people claim it is teeth for any little problem babies have and it gets on my nerves also! I hope tonight goes better!

Jill said...

hey Nichole!!
sorry about the no sleeping going on...i remember those days when it was so frustrating! it seemed like just when we were on a good schedule one of the kids would go through a phase like that and NOT SLEEP :( hope it's over & back to normal soon for ya!