Thursday, September 04, 2008

I have something to tell you:

Hi, this is Jackson. I have been the subject of these posts most of the time, so I thought it was time to turn the page and tell you about a special person in my life. See I have this dude...that likes to play with me and read me books and tonight he even helped me put a gate above these really bump things that I like to crawl to and look down. I think I scared my mommy the other day when I rolled down them. it was a crazy ride..and I gotta say a little scary by the time I reached the bottom, but my mommy picked me up and then it was all better.
So anyway about this gate. He is going to a lot of work building an extender to our banister so it will fit. So compliment my momma and dada on it when you come over...don't make any strange comments...they had to do it cuz I am just to adventuresome.
By the way this awesome dud is my dada: "I've Got An AWESOME DAD"
Have a safe week everyone... criticism...about how it looks.


Kara Lynn said...

Listen here little man... I have the very best daddy of all, not you. Your daddy is ok for you I guess, but you obviously have not hung out with my daddy. Although, your daddy does seem pretty handy, maybe mommy will have to see if my daddy can do something handy this week too. Hope I get to see you soon - looks like we could have lots of fun destroying my living room! hugs & kisses - Delaney

Laura said...

Hee hee! Oh's're the cutest. And what a little adventurer too! I think the gate is a good idea - and looks lovely too. :)