Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We interrupt this Program

We interrupt this program for a special report.

Jackson has begun dangerous activities. he has learned the open shut game. Dump the DVD's all over the floor of course one by one, working on our fine motor skills.
you are thinking, oh how cute (it was the first time my neatly alphabatized videos were thrown all over the living room)then we had our big event...we kept telling is all fun and games until someone gets there finger smashed. that is what happened today...the door started to close and I could see it happening and just couldn't get there fast enough. you can see on his ring finger the purpleish area... it is getting redder as we try and ice it...but he wants nothing to do with the ice. As a mom, you just wish you had a hyper speed button that you could push when you saw these things happening. We will keep you updated as to what happens next.


Jewel said...

Oooh, ouch! I know what you mean about that hyper speed button! When Braylon was younger, he was going down the stairs backwards, you know, where they are facing the stairs, & they go down the stairs one at a time w/their knees. Well he turned his head to look down the stairs & the motion took him further. And I couldn't reach out fast enough to grab him even tho I was right there next to him!!! And the horrific feeling to watch your little boy go down the whole flight of stairs & you are helpless to do anything! Thankfully he wasn't hurt bad, more scared than anything, but yikes what a feeling as a mom to just watch him go! Anyway, I hope Jackson's little finger heals fast!

The Lantz Clan said...

Buh bye alphabetized DVDs.... I used to be so organized and tidy and now if things end up in a cupboard or drawer and it shuts I am so happy. Even if next time I open it everything falls out.... Kids have their own sense of organization.

darcy said...

awe!! doesn't it kill ya when they hurt? he looks so cute making his mess, though!