Monday, September 15, 2008

A huge scrappin Sunday

It was great to take a day and just scrap. Adrian watched Jackson and I was lulled by the rain outside. Being trapped inside is like the best thing ever for a scrapper. I have to say that Jackson's 12x12 book is getting a little large so I started doing the rest in 8 1/2x 11. that way he can have two first year books. I have had so much fun this past week walking down memory lane with these pages and also spending some time coming up with Unique facts just for Jackson. I also got to do his NICU page about our very expensive babysitters.
it is was interesting to find these pics of us all waiting in the waiting room, I think Adrian's mom took these. i don't remember taking much in these first few days. We spent hours waiting in these rooms. One is the lounge and the other is the surgery waiting area. I know we will happily spend many more days, hours whatever it takes for our little guy to get better. I also got to do this one out him being outnumbered with his three girl cousins. there will come a day when it won't be that way I am sure, but for now they still love him event though he is a boy. that was apparent this past august when all of them fought to hold him.

In the process he has become quite the cheese bring out the camera and he stops everything to pose and smile.

for the first Jackson only fact...he has spent 81 days in the hospital this year. I knew it was close to three months i just didn't realize how close. I wanted a non hospital pic...and one that showed how happy he was despite the numerous days in the hospital. It is amazing too that he has spent 153 hours and 30 minutes on the road and in a car. we spent months having Jackson scream anytime he had a bath in water, until this past July when we were at Conrad and Jenna's and I need to clean the iodine off him from surgery and I wanted to check out his incisions. So we decided on a bath in the sink, and he loved it. So since that is what we have done. Can't wait for our bathrooms so we can splash in a tub and not get the water all over the floor. I will leave you with these last two. doesn't this first one just bring you back. his hand could barely rap around our one finger. he was so tiny. the whole little hand was the size of our two fingers. it was crazy. we feel lucky he was born as big as he was. then we wanted to take this opportunity, for those that are still with us, to announce to the world that we broke a tooth today. it has been working its way through his gums the last few days and today he broke through. bottom left. keep chewing little man, more are right there ready and waiting.

it is amazing how thearapuetic this is for me. I am so happy that I have this hobby and can't wait for him to get to look back at them and see the stories with the pictures. for anyone who doesn't do this scrapbooking thing, you really should. it is so cool to have the stories behind the pictures to share with people. Have a great monday everyone. if you want to get your scrap on click on the social butterfly pic on the left side bar and you can purchase an amazing kit collection incredibly cheap too. especially for all the extras you get and it is a flat shipping rate. Check it out.


nichole said...

dang girl! you got a TON done!! what a great feeling, huh?! I love those pages! I can't believe he spent 81 days of his 1st year in the hospital. poor guy. :( so happy for you guys that he is doing SO well!! continued payers for you all! have a great week sweet girl!

Jill said...

wow Nichole!!! look at all those pages, way to go :) they are awesome, so is seeing how much your little man has changed. wow, 81 days in the hospital. praise God for all his success so far!!!