Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Relief may be in site....Thanks to my mom.

I have one strong mom....when I think about it today. She told me last night on the phone that she put me in my crib and waited for me to fall asleep. Listening to me scream. So as a last resort...I decided this for nap time today. Cuz I am not joking when I say he won't sleep unless being held, naps, bedtime everything. Let's just say I haven't had time to clean my house in over three weeks. The dust is building to a noticeable thickness.

So I decided to be a strong mom today. I put him down at 10:20am and walked away. It is harder than you think. I sat down and all i heard was this desperate and sad cry. So I decided to go take a shower. 15 minutes later 10:35am still crying. I have decided that in the past when I thought I was waiting like 15 minutes or 30 minutes it was really only like 5 or 10. Oh well this time I am in it for the long haul. I had to find something to do, because it was killing me to hear him scream, and it would be pulsed. it would get quieter and then louder. and it was an all out scream by now. you would have thought someone was cutting off his arm back there. But I held strong and didn't even go and peek. I instead decided to scrapbook. I am working on a baby boy year of photos book and a similar one for a baby girl for our benefit next month, so I thought i would finish one of them. So I sat down and worked...trying to block out the unbearable screaming in the backround. I can happily say that my child konked out at 11:15am. almost one hour later. Thank goodness he doesn't have the stamina that I did with my mom, cuz I never would have made it that long as a mom. Mom you are a strong lady.
We will see if this continues. My mom said it took like three times before I was through my little stage, so we will see tonight if it works for bedtime too. If it is only an hour we can do it.

Thanks mom for the advice and the story. Sorry for what i put you through. I am sure as this little guy grows up I will be saying that alot. (cuz I put you guys through a lot, Sorry).

here are the latest scrappin pages for Jackson's book. Enjoy
Have a great week...


rev said...

o girl, I SOOO know what you are going through. with Sanne (now 5 :), it was horror. but Ruben is easy. we let him cry since he was a baby (not long, but long enough to fall asleep without us helping). and now i'm having the benefits of it. he goes to bed happy. kissing & waving goodbye. happy to be in bed. and girl, hang in there. it can take days, or even weeks but you will get over this and he will normal go to sleep. as long as he knows you are not getting him out. if you do that once, you are back at square one...
hang in there :D.
GORGEOUS pages!!

darcy said...

OH gosh.. crying it out SUCKS! Adie was not so much a quick learner but we stuck to it and like Rev, she goes to bed super easy. You can do this!!! (Sadly it may take longer than three times...)

Shannon said...

Jackson, you may not delete my comment this time.

I remember when we had to do the cry thing with Gavin. Ecspeacially since his health issues, I felt like the worst momma in the world. I had to go run and get away b/c I'm too weak, and Pat could deal with it.

But it does get better, and pretty quickly :) He is amazing going to be now!!

Stay strong! I get to see you tomorrow!!!!!!

Jewel said...

Nichole---hang in there! I believe that's the best thing you can do for Jackson even tho it's so hard for you to hear him crying! We did that w/Braylon & are so thankful! He loves going to bed for either naps or sleep time! See ya tomorrow!