Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun at the GAME

we enjoyed tailgaiting, great food, drinks and fun with friends we havn't hung out with in ages. then we got to our seats to find out there were 6 ND fans sitting in our seats. well ours and the four next to ours. I am telling you these people cheat on and off the field. everyone in our section was sitting in the wrong seats. So we sat in some empty ones behind ours. However, you know that those people are going to arrive and then it will cause a scene. I was mad simply on principle...come on people follow the rules. Adrian of course kept telling me to shuesh...so I did. this was our view. I really don't think there is a bad place to sit in the stadium..we saw everything. however...you would think with the money that goes into that program that they could afford a jumbo tron. the replays happened like every other play, cuz Weis didn't think that purdue could do anything right. But we just had to sit there twiddling our thumbs because we could watch the replay.
tailgaiting. before the game with Jay and JWthe weekend went well we got home around 8 and of course the little one did not want to sleep at all, so mom was totally tired at church on Sunday. well yesterday we came to find out that although he was not running a fever on sunday, he definitely was yesterday. 101.3 degrees with a doosie of a left ear infection. So far all he has wanted to do is sleep and cuddle...I finally got him to go to sleep in his crib this morning instead of being held. We will see...we would like to be uncrabby today and the rest of the week. we will see.

then last night we found out our couch had broke, the leg was nearly completely off..so adrian started to fix it and all of a sudden the lights went out in the dining room, entry and the garage, but no ciruit blew. This is not good from what I have heard. so we are garage door less, dining room light less and no entry lights. So I guess we only take visitors in the day light hours. hopefully we figure it out and it is not a big problem, like a melted wire in our walls, ready to start a fire. We are praying that is not what it is.

well have a great week and we will see you all Friday at Jackson's benefit...with a healthy baby boy on hand to greet you all with a smile.


Laura said...

Oooo, I'm sorry he's sick! Praying for a super-speedy recovery.

Looks like you had a great time at the game!

Linz said...

Awesome you got to go to the game...NOT awesome that ND people are rude and take your seats...not cool!! Sorry mr jackson isn't feeling the greatest:( Ear infections are not fun-we have some good tips if he's not sleeping with it! Let me know!

The Lantz Clan said...

Oh poor little man! I am glad that it is just an ear infection though....Maybe next week we can hang out! It has been too long! That is awesome that you were able to go out with Adrian juts the two of you! See you tomorrow!